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EM Normandie

Delivering English language training for EM Normandie

EM Normandie (École de Management de Normandie) is a well-respected International Business School based in Le Havre, Caen and Paris.

In 2014, they were seeking premises to open their first campus outside of France. British Study Centres helped them get there.

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Client Testimonial

"All of the students were very satisfied with the courses and pleased with the warm personality of the teachers.

The teachers at BSC Dublin should be satisfied with their work which I would describe as excellent."

Alexandre, EM Normandie

What solution was EM Normandie looking for?

EM Normandie was looking for an overseas campus and for established experts in English Language Teaching to support their degree programmes and allow students to spend one year of their studies in an English speaking country and perfect their communication skills in English. Through working with BSC they can now offer all years of study a year abroad at either our Dublin or Oxford centres.

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Our partnership

EM Normandie found a home for their students at BSC Oxford, where they took up residence on the third floor and welcomed their Undergraduate and Masters students. In order to prepare students for academic study in English, the team at British Study Centres created a bespoke course, combining English Language classes and Business English.

Over five years later and the relationship between the two institutions has grown, with British Study Centres welcoming 150 students from the French institution. The course offering has also been expanded, with BSC providing a different in-sessional programme for every year group, a unique combination of General and Business English or Business English and IELTS preparation. 

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BSC Dublin

In 2016, the two groups began to investigate the possibility of opening a school in Dublin together. Dublin was an attractive place to be following the Brexit vote and would allow EM Normandie to continue providing an overseas elective for their students should travel to the UK to become challenging. It would also allow BSC to have a presence in a new destination. In March 2019, BSC Dublin opened, with EM Normandie’s offices based in the same building.

Preparing for IELTS with BSC LC Square

What does British Study Centres provide?

In Oxford, British Study Centres provides the compulsory English Language Module for students in years one to four. This consists of 60 hours of lessons across two semesters (10 hours per semester) and is geared towards the particular year group.

For First and Second year undergraduates, this consists of General English and Business English. Meanwhile, third-year students and postgraduates are offered a blend of Business English and IELTS preparation.

Final and continuous assessments may include business project plans, presentations, proposals or report writing.

In Dublin, the English input is done in week-long blocks throughout the year, with a focus on General and Business English, as well as the TOEIC test.

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What makes us unique ?

  • Expert course design:
    With our bespoke course EM Normandie are able to offer their students a unique syllabus that is tailored around their needs.
  • Understanding of Higher Education:
    As an experienced Pathway Programme provider, British Study Centres also understand the pressures and demands on university students studying in a language other than their own and use this to support the creation and delivery of each course. 
  • Teaching with Business at its core:
    We recruit teachers with appropriate business backgrounds including those with experience in entrepreneurship, working with global brands and with degree qualifications in Business and Management.
  • Exam Preparation expertise: At British Study Centres, we’re highly experienced in helping students achieve the IELTS and TOIEC scores they need. This meant EM Normandie could trust us to prepare and deliver an appropriately challenging course.

"“We are delighted to partner with EM Normandie in their internationalisation plans. It is a great value-add to have a multi-campus experience and we are very pleased to support them with English Language and in-sessional courses for their students.”

Steve Phillips, Transnational & Product Director, British Study Centres

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