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British Study Centres has an impressive track record in delivering teacher training programmes to schools around the world. Whether through online learning, face-to-face teaching or a blended approach, we work in partnership with you to achieve your language training objectives.

Our bespoke teacher training programmes for schools and colleges are adaptable to the learning needs of your institution.

The BSC Academic team will work with you to identify your exact needs allowing us to deliver a course that meets your individual requirements. All our courses are designed so that newly acquired skills can be put into practice instantly.

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Work with BSC

  • Track record of delivering high-quality teacher training for schools
  • Courses and services designed for schools
  • Online, face-to-face and blended learning options
  • Structured, flexible, cost-effective training
  • Fast results and measurable outcomes
  • Positive Return on Investment

Case Studies - Teacher Training

NIS is a network of schools for exceptional students throughout Kazakhstan. BSC delivered a modular blended Teacher Training course to 160 NIS secondary teachers.

The aim was to increase capacity by training CLIL trainers who, later, would support and train other internal CLIL secondary teachers.

Language Solutions for Organisations

Teacher Training Solutions for Schools

We offer a comprehensive range of Teacher Training courses for educational institutions to help improve their quality and reputation.

For Teachers

We provide practical courses for teachers in primary and secondary schools that are designed to develop key skills which can be implemented immediately, including:

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Internationally recognised qualifications

BSC provides teacher training, including CELTA, DELTA and Professional Development courses, that are renowned all over the world to help teachers improve their skill set.

These are designed for all levels of teaching, such as primary school teachers looking at the best way to deliver the curriculum to young learners, or secondary school and adult-learner teachers wanting to have the best methodology for their classes.

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Professional Development

We have a range of two-week Professional Development courses to complement a teacher's existing experience and maximise their potential.

Courses range from using the latest technology to help them in the classroom, to understanding modern British culture and integrating this into their lessons.

These courses are ideal for teachers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods in an ever-evolving market.

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If you would like to talk to our experienced team about your school or college teacher training requirements then contact us today.