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In an increasingly connected world, different government departments need to communicate more and more with colleagues, clients and contacts on a global scale.

At British Study Centres we have a track record in delivering successful, effective language training programmes for governments around the world, helping them achieve their objectives.

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Tailor-Made Programmes

Our bespoke government language training programmes can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

We analyse your needs and work with you to deliver the right training for your department. All our courses are designed so that newly acquired skills can be put into practice instantly.

We can tailor a programme to your needs and deliver it online, face-to-face or through a blended combination of both.

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Work with BSC

  • Track record of delivering high-quality language training for different government departments
  • Career-focused courses and programmes
  • Online, face-to-face and blended learning options
  • Structured, flexible, cost-effective training
  • Fast results and measurable outcomes
  • Positive Return on Investment

Specialist Areas

With our background in language training for government departments and ministries we can assist with any specific area you may need.

Military English

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Our Military English courses are ideal for Military and Security personnel, Civil Servants and diplomats who are required to perform tasks in English.

We offer a range of courses including:

  • Military English terminology
  • JFLT Exam Preparation
  • English for Peacekeeping Forces
  • Negotiations and Presentations
  • Diplomatic Language

English for Aviation

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Civilian and military aviation personnel often have to meet ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) English proficiency requirements.

We offer a range of courses including:

  • English for commercial airline staff
  • English for pilots and air traffic controllers
  • English for military aviation staff

English for Healthcare

Medical staff with clipboard talking to patient while being examined

These courses are designed to enable non-native speakers of English to improve the communication skills necessary in a healthcare setting.

We offer a range of OET courses and can also provide training including:

  • Communicating with patients
  • Communicating with colleagues
  • Medical language
  • Complaint handling

Case Studies - Teacher Training

British Study Centres and Perfection in Education (PINE) supplied trainers and materials for 3 Teacher Training courses in Kazakhstan.

This project was part of the Kazakh Ministry of Education’s policy to improve teachers’ ability to use English as a medium of instruction across the country and to develop planning and teaching skills more generally.

Language Solutions for Organisations

Case Studies - Teacher Training

BSC has delivered teacher training workshops to primary education teachers in Turkey.

Following the workshops the Director of Besiktas District said that this was the first step of a wider training project across the country.

Language Solutions for Organisations

Case Studies - Teacher Training

BSC provided training for South Korean Primary and Secondary school teachers. This project was funded by the South Korean Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST).

Participants received training in the UK as well as sessions in South Korea both before arrival and after the course was completed.

Language Solutions for Organisations

Case Studies - Governments

BSC is the preferred language training partner of the Turkish Ministry of Justice for their Foreign Language and Postgraduate Education of Judges and Public Prosecutors sponsorship programme.

Their aim is to strengthen the administrative judicial capacity of the Turkish judiciary. So far 30 Senior Judges have taken taking General English and IELTS courses with BSC in the UK.

Language Solutions for Organisations

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If you would like to talk to our experienced team about your language training requirements then contact us today.