Is teaching English a long-term career?

The past year has seen many changes to the education sector, and it begs the question if teaching English a long-term career? Lessons have moved online, borders have closed and the way we live our lives has changed. However, when one door closes another opens, and English language training has adapted. These changes now provide many new opportunities for teachers. 

Is teaching English a long term career

The demand for online learning has increased

English language schools are reopening. However, with the difficulty in international travel restrictions, many providers are continuing to offer online courses. 

This means as well as face-to-face teaching options, more online course options will be available and therefore the need for teachers. 

Teachers have learnt to adapt to teach their lessons using Zoom and other software. The benefits of this are that lessons can be conducted from the comfort of everyone’s home – teacher and students included. With features such as break-out rooms, screen sharing, video recording and more, students can achieve their language learning goals by studying online. 

There will always be a need for native-level English teachers 

With a clear plan for travel to resume and borders to open in 2021, educational institutions will be looking for native-level English teachers.

This may be for English language schools, English Summer Camps, sports and English education programmes or corporate English language training.

Due to Brexit, there will be changes for UK nationals hoping to teach in the EU. This is very possible, but a visa will need to be arranged. More information can be found on our site on what Brexit means for TEFL in the EU. 

Regions where there continues to be a huge demand for English language courses include Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America. 

is teaching English a long term career?

You can continue your studies to open up new career options

If you have completed your TEFL qualification, you may want to enhance your language training and study a CELTA course. After obtaining a CELTA qualification, student can progress to study for their DELTA. The DELTA qualification can only be taken by qualified teachers who have been teaching for a few years, looking to progress their training. 

Upon achieving these higher-level qualifications, job roles that may be available include:

  • Head of Studies
  • Programme Manager
  • Curriculum Manager
  • Exam Coordinator 

Who should be thinking about a career in teaching English?

The great news is that anyone who has an interest in teaching English, regardless of age or career background, can make the move into English language teaching. 

To take the TEFL course, you should have at least a minimum level of B2 to get the most out of the course. This is a great qualification for someone new to English teaching, who may want to change their career of travel the world.

To be eligible to study for the CELTA qualification, you must have an advanced English language level of C1/C2. This is the best qualification for people looking for a long-term English teaching career. 

Teacher Training with BSC

At British Study Centres you can study both the TEFL and CELTA course online. For more information contact our Teacher Training team.