Improve your English quickly with one-to-one lessons

Support your studies with private English lessons, tailored to help you with the areas that you most want to improve.

These lessons are a great way to improve your English language skills quickly and reach your potential. Get specific, focused advice from one of our tutors and have individual answers to your questions and challenges.

Student in classroom private lesson
A teacher delivering a lesson for one student
Teacher and student talking in class

Private Lesson Prices

Private English lessons are available in all our BSC Colleges. Contact us today to book your lessons.

All BSC Colleges: £75 per lesson (60 minutes). Pre-book 10 lessons for just £500.

How can I learn English quickly?

Private English classes give you an opportunity to work on the areas of English you find most challenging or learn vocabulary that interests you. Become confident in your language skills, quickly.

Every BSC college offers private English lessons for adults. The content is agreed between you and your teacher – so you learn exactly what you need. Private lessons are 60 minutes each, giving you plenty of time to practice and learn.