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The Secondary CLIL course aims to advance the concept of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), helping teachers with specific areas of language development. This includes classroom management and instruction for secondary-aged students and older.

The two-week Secondary CLIL courses with BSC aim to help teachers who want to specialise in specific subjects in English at secondary school level and beyond. It is beneficial for teachers that are planning to deliver classes such as geography, mathematics and physical education for students in English.

Course facts

Course duration

2 weeks

Entry requirements

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Course dates

04 Jul, 18 Jul, 01 Aug

Available in


Total hours

42 hours

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Course objectives

The aims of the course are to:

  • Clarify and 'demystify' the concept of Content and Language Integrated Learning, and to focus on specific areas of language development for classroom management and instruction.
  • Demonstrate teaching techniques which are transferable to a variety of subjects across the curriculum.

We also show how published and authentic materials can be adapted for CLIL lessons.

Female teacher writing on the board in classroom
A group of adult students with their hands raised in class

Course methodology

During the course, participants are exposed to a range of teaching practices and methodologies. This can include the following:

  • Demonstrations of lessons using CLIL methodology
  • Adapting texts
  • Evaluation of published materials and tailored sessions on language improvement.

The course includes daily practical sessions on preparing CLIL micro-lessons and, in the second week, delivering these micro-lessons to your trainer and peers in order to put learned methodology and new ideas to practical use straight away. 


All participants are encouraged to maintain contact with their colleagues from the course and to establish contacts with teachers from other countries and regions to share experiences and difficulties encountered. Also, participants should work on adapting and creating materials for use in the provision of CLIL lessons. 

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