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OET: Ganira's Story

Ganira Ahmadova first came to the UK in 2019 with the dream of becoming a Junior Doctor. But in order to reach her goal, she needed a professional English qualification.

She decided to take the Occupational English Test, an English language test for healthcare professionals and began an OET preparation course at BSC Manchester.

After just one week of training at our Manchester school, Ganira passed her OET exam first time and is now one step closer to becoming a Junior Doctor. We caught up with her to find out what it’s like to study medical English in the UK.

Ganira walking through a street in Manchester

Medical English with BSC

When did you first move to the UK?

After graduating from Azerbaijan Medical University, I moved to the UK in July 2019 to start my dream life here.

How is the UK different to Azerbaijan?

The UK is very different from my home country; people’s lifestyle, culture, day to day life, even the weather is different. We speak in Azerbaijani language. Even though English is part of our school lessons, it is never enough to learn how to speak and understand native British people in the UK.

Why did you decide to take the OET course?

When I first decided that I wanted to continue my career in UK, the very first step was a professional English requirement. I had 2 options: IELTS or OET. I chose OET because I felt comfortable with the medical content of the exam. It felt easier as I was more aware of the context of all 4 parts of the exam. I felt right at home.

What was it like to study for your OET at BSC Manchester?

For me, BSC Manchester was not just another English course. I wasn’t just preparing for OET exam, I was also getting huge motivational support from my teacher. I really enjoyed the course and felt comfortable that I was getting everything I need for the exam; both knowledge and encouragement.

"BSC Manchester was not just another English course. I wasn’t just preparing for OET exam, I was also getting huge motivational support from my teacher."

Ganira in a cafe holding a cup of coffee

What was it like when you first moved to the UK?

It was so hard at first to communicate with the native people. For my future life and career, it was important for me, to speak and having good knowledge of English. But luckily, the local community helped me a lot and made me feel comfortable in my new home country.

How does English help you in your everyday life?

Apart from day to day communication with my friends and local people, I regularly use English to prepare my PLAB exams for becoming fully-licensed doctor in the UK. Doctors need to be fluent in the English language, so our patients can feel safe and communicate all their needs easily. So, it is essential to me that I speak English well and that I always keep improving my language skills.

How did the teachers help make you feel welcome?

I think all teachers in BSC Manchester are very professional at their jobs and they do everything they can to motivate their students. My teacher closely worked with me since day one and showed me that she cares about my exam. She heavily supported me, she found and resolved gaps in my knowledge and motivationally encouraged me to become more self-aware and believe in myself.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope I will pass all my PLAB exams and become a fully licensed doctor in the UK. And live my childhood dream as a doctor.

Are you hoping to work as a doctor in the UK?

Every year we help medical professionals from around their world achieve their goal of working in the UK.