Sofia’s University Pathways Experience

In light of the changing situation surrounding COVID-19, many of our students have made the switch to online learning. We caught up with Sofia from Mexico about what it was like to study the blended International Foundation Year both in school and online and how the course has helped her reach her goals.

academic English student holding books at BSC London

What course did you study with BSC?

I studied the International Foundation Year programme. I applied because I want to go to university here in the UK. I felt like it was something that I really wanted to do because I wanted to have an academic challenge. I could have done something similar back home but it was better suited for me here because I am someone who is very academically driven and I felt that the UK, at least for psychology, is very challenging and I love challenges!

What topics did you study on the course?

It’s a course that gives us an introduction to a UK university system. It's been really useful to develop Socratic thinking and be able to create my own ideas and opinions on different topics about the world. I have an international relations class, economics, English and business but my favourite class has been international relations. I’ve learned a lot about the world and different ideologies. I feel that summarises my time in the course, at least this far, I’ve been able to learn a lot about the world from a different perspective than I had back home. It’s been really interesting to be in an environment from people from a lot of different countries so I’ve enjoyed exploring that side. 

What were your first impressions of the UK?

The foundation course wasn’t my first experience living in the UK, as I had done another course in the country before. Nevertheless, the NCUK foundation year programme allowed me to experience living in London, an amazing city I had always dreamed of living in. My first impressions of the city were that it was big and bustling, full of diverse people, food and shops, as well as a place where I could enjoy my independence. 

How did you find living in London? 

It’s a totally different experience to what I’m used to. Mainly because of public transport - I’m not used to using it but I am amazed at everything. I’ve been having an incredible time and have met amazing people who I feel I will have a connection with for the foreseeable future. I think I will be good friends with them for the rest of my life. 

How was the teaching on the International Foundation Year course? Did this change when the course moved online during the lockdown?

Due to the small class sizes, it felt like the lectures were personal, where we could ask questions comfortably and engage in interesting debates with our classmates and professors. When, due to the coronavirus, our classes had to be moved online our teachers made a great effort to keep class interesting for all. It was a challenge as some of us were living in different parts of the world. However, we received incredible support and understanding from our tutors. 

How have the teachers supported you during the lockdown?

By rearranging timetables, setting up zoom calls for further questions and queries for the exams and papers, as well as quickly answering emails. 

Would you recommend BSC? 

I would totally recommend BSC because as I said for me it’s been an excellent course that has brought a lot out in me. I’ve become more confident in my own skin through living alone, making train journeys, meeting new people from different cultures and finding a middle ground to communicate. Also learning, it’s been great. I would totally recommend it to someone who wants to begin their education in the UK. It’s an excellent stepping stone to university. 

Sofia will go on to study at the University of Kent for BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology which she will take up in September 2021.

The International Foundation Year grants you entry to a top NCUK university in the UK upon successful completion. For the 2021 intake, the course will be offered with a combination of online and face-to-face classes. Contact British Study Centres to find out more.

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