Intensive English

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Intensive English spring and summer schools for children and teenagers

Our Intensive English spring and summer schools help children and teenagers learn English quickly, in a fun and safe environment.

We focus on improving students’ confidence and accuracy when speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

Like our General English courses, the Intensive English spring and summer camps use a combination of lessons, activities and projects to teach English in lots of different situations. Our aim is to help students improve their language skills quickly and enjoy a fun trip to the UK.

Intensive English Course Facts

Start dates


Available at

Wycliffe College , Ardingly College


Course levels

Beginner (A1) – Advanced (C1)

Age range

7 - 17 years old


23 lessons per week

Lesson duration

60 minutes

Price per week (from)



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Boy studying intensive English at BSC summer camp

What is the Intensive English course like?

Students have 23 hours of English lessons each week, before joining up with students on other English courses for fun afternoon activities.

Our Intensive English spring and summer courses balance skill-building lessons with a fun social calendar. Children and teenagers study with classmates of similar ages and abilities, helping them to learn at the best pace.

This course is perfect for students who are keen to improve their English quickly, but our timetables are planned so that they still have lots of time to socialise and relax. It's important that they meet new people, make friends with students on other courses and join in on the most exciting trips each week!

Boy practising English on Intensive English course at BSC

Course Outcomes

On completion of this specially designed course students will:

  • Have developed their language skills through practical activities and discussions
  • Have developed their creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Have a deeper understanding of British culture
  • Have experience working on projects in small groups
  • Have improved their digital competency in the context of project work
  • Be more confident in speaking English
  • Have met and learned from English native-level speakers
  • Have their English level assessed by the BSC level test
  • Be a more independent learner and global citizen
  • Have had a transformational learning experience and developed skills for life
Four teenage students are standing in a leafy park, talking

Student Welfare

It’s important that your child has a safe, happy and comfortable time during their English summer camp.

From providing healthy meals, to following NSPCC approved ‘Safer Recruitment’ guidelines, everything we do is focused on student welfare. Classes and social groups are organised by age and ability, so it's easier for students to build international friendships. Plus, there's always someone on-site for students to talk to if they need help with studies, food, friends or homesickness.


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