2023 at BSC Young Learners

Summer 2022 holds some wonderful memories for us at BSC Young Learners and it was a great way to get the ball rolling again after 2 years unable to welcome students to our centres. You can check out what our students have been saying here. Though as much as we love some nostalgia, we love looking forward at the promising times ahead even more.

For 2023 we have brought back some of our favourite programmes, while adding on a couple of new exciting options to learn English with BSC Young Learners. Want to know more?



We are excited to kick off 2023 with Winter by the Thames.

London’s cosmopolitan vibrancy is a year-round phenomenon. Even January and February offer the same access to the museums, parks and famous landmarks that this diverse, yet very British city is famous for. From bustling Borough Market to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, our school premises and residence accommodation are perfectly located to explore the city while improving your skills in our English courses.


Spring is a beautiful season that always brings such promise.

In Spring 2023 we have three camps in store for our Young Learners. You can choose from the charm of a quintessentially English Boarding school at Bradfield College, less than an hour away from London, or some pre-summer vibes at Campus-Hub Malta. English classes combined with fun and culture, what could be better?

Whereas, if football is your passion, you can join our spring Manchester City football programme. We run three programmes in April, each offering something distinctly different with the same goal of creating unforgettable, unique experiences. Want to find out which football programme is right for you? Visit our Manchester City website for more information


Like most English Language schools, summer is our favourite time of the year. We have so much to offer you over the summer, with something to suit every young learner’s preferred way to learn English and have fun.

Bradfield College, Campus Hub Malta and the Manchester City Football programme are all back for the summer.

If the countryside vibe of Bradfield your cup of tea, then you might also like to re-visit it, throwing in some tennis lessons, or try Ampleforth College and Wycliffe College. Both programmes also offer options for younger learners aged 7-13, while still catering to our older teens.

In a Harry Potter-like setting, Ampleforth is based in the north of England surrounded by rolling countryside. It is great for those of you who also like more outdoor activities like golf, hiking and scavenger hunts.

Wycliffe provides an edge of village campus, where students can engage in horse riding, cookery classes, or even focus more on their English classes, taking Intensive English or Exam Preparation. Being on campus at Wycliffe is like being in very cosy community of friends.

If city life is the experience you are after, then our King’s College programme is for you. Realise your ambitions as a Future Leader in one of the political and commercial centres of the world, learn English through the creativity of the Street Art and Culture of the city, or simply follow your English classes by exploring the landmarks and well known places you have read and heard about.

If you want to learn English in a different climate altogether then you might just want to consider Campus Hub Malta. Split your time between classroom, beach or centuries old historic cities, all with guaranteed sunshine and incredible student community life.

What next?

Whatever programme matches your taste best, you can always rest assured that we place the highest priority on providing an exceptional standard of care and supervision to ensure the welfare and safety of our Young Learners. Our team are always present to ensure our students have a safe, happy and enjoyable time.

If any of this has you excited at the prospect of an unforgettable learning experience away from home, then it’s time to get in touch. Drop us an email to book, or speak to one of our knowledgeable admissions advisers to bet at the front of the queue, where great things start.