The Northern Consortium

What is NCUK?

The Northern Consortium (NCUK) is a not for profit education group that was established in 1987.

In partnership with British Study Centres, as well as a number of other institutions, NCUK provides university preparation and pathway qualifications for international students as preparation for study outside of their home country.

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Our partnership

We work with the Northern Consortium to provide international students with a number of pathways courses including the International Foundation Year and the online Pre-Master's Programme.

These courses allow students to improve their knowledge of English for Academic Purposes and become familiar with the university teaching styles used in the UK, Australia and the United States.

Students who successfully complete our pathways courses are also guaranteed entry to NCUK partner universities in the United Kingdom.

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NCUK Universities

Students completing the International Foundation Year or Pre-Master's Programme will get guaranteed entry to an NCUK partner university and can also apply to the extended range of NCUK member universities in the UK and around the world. These partner institutions include well-regarded universities including the University of Manchester, the University of Bristol and the University of Sheffield.

Discover the full list of progression universities.

Our courses

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International Foundation Year

An NCUK International Foundation Year gives you guaranteed entry to a number of NCUK partner universities.

You'll also take modules to improve your Academic English and get accustomed to the Western university system. In order to best prepare you for your chosen subject of study, British Study Centres offers NCUK Foundation Years in a number of different subjects.

Discover our courses:

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Online Pre-Master's Programme

For students hoping to start a postgraduate course, we offer an online Pre-Master's Programme for international students who want to gain the specialist skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their UK Master's degree.

Get guaranteed entry to a UK university

Every year we help students from around the world achieve a place at university in the UK. Contact us to find out more.